How Silca System® works

The following video will take you step by step through the deck designing and building process.

Tools Required For Silca Grate Installation:

  • 65mm to 75mm #9 deck coated screws (You should use coated screws to prevent rust in the treated wood of the deck frame)
  • Landscape fabric and paver jointing sand (optional)
  • Common construction tools: level, measuring tape, and pencil
  • A drill or power screwdriver
  • Circular saw

Important information for installing Silca Grates:

how silca system works

When choosing a finished material for your deck, make sure the material is between 3/4 & 3 inches thick.

how silca works

But, before you decide whether to go with thinner or thicker material, measure everything on and around your deck carefully, especially the amount of space between your doorway base and the top of your material. The last thing you want is to install your deck only to realize you can’t open your door!

how silca system works

Silca Grates are made to fit directly onto a standard 16” decking base. The side edges for each grate should be directly centered on the joist. To support the weight, each joist needs to be at least a 2×8′. For strength and durability, every other row should begin offset by half the length of a grate. So, you’ll need to start each row by alternating half and full grates.