New construction guide

Instructions on how to build your Silca® deck in NZ

Installation instruction video

New construction quick tips:

  1. Determine finished floor elevation.
  2.  Determine the thickness of the bricks or pavers being used in the project.
  3.  Build your substructure with floor joists at 400mm centres.
  4.  RECOMMENDATION: Deck construction should be in compliance with your state and local codes.
  5.  Screw down the Silca Grate. We recommend that you stagger the Silca Grate joints. (i.e. start with full Silca Grate then on next joist start with a half Silca Grate™). Use six (6) 65mm to 75mm #9 rustless deck screws per Silca Grate (Test screws for a firm fit. Do not over tighten).
  6. Install Geotextile blanket (ONLY if you are going to use Polymeric sand between the joints of your bricks or pavers).
  7.  To finish you could choose to cover the perimeter/trimmer with a facia of timber, aluminium, plastic (PVC) or your choice of paver using a suitable adhesive.

How to build a deck NZ

Download resources:

To help your further, we’ve created resources on how to build a Silca deck in NZ. Please click on the links below to get further information.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations – Installation Guide