Remodel/resurface guide

A guide to installing Silca System®

Installation instruction video

Remodeling Resurfacing Text Instructions:

  1. Remove all lateral decking boards. (treated timber, composite timber etc.) from existing deck.
  2. RECOMMENDATION: Framing and footing should be inspected by a qualified building official to make sure they are in line with state and local codes.
  3. If you have ample threshold height, you may screw the Silca Grate on top of your floor joists. Much thought must be given to the stack height and desired finish floor height.
  4. If you DO NOT have ample threshold height, you need to add a 100 x 50mm cleat on each side of the floor joist. NOTE: Maintain correct height while fastening on joist.
  5. Trim 45 mm off the Silca Grate. Inlay Silca Grate™ on top of 100 x 50mm cleat. NOTE: Silca Grate™ has two sets of screw holes on one side of the Silca Grate. Trim the side with two holes.
  6. Screw Silca Grate™ in place.
  7. Install Geotextile blanket (ONLY if you are going to use Polymeric sand between the joints of your bricks or pavers).
  8. Treated Lumber Border – Use a wider dimension timber for your rim joist. (i.e. 300 x 50mm for rim joist standard joist may be 200 x 50mm this all depends on your brick and paver thickness. – Think this through!) Allow trimmer joist to be above Silca Grate™ enough to hold your brick or paver.
  9. To finish you could choose to cover the perimeter/trimmer with a facia of timber, aluminium, plastic (PVC) or your choice of paver using a suitable adhesive.

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