About Silca System®

Silca GrateTM transforms wood decks to stone decks.

You’ll never have to stain your deck again!

When building their hives, honeybees rely on hexagons. Silca System® mirrored this naturally-designed hexagon technology in the creation of Silca Grate™. “But, why?” you ask. Simple: the hexagon design creates a super-strong substructure (subfloor) capable of sustaining heavy deck materials, such as brick, travertine, slate, granite, marble, and natural stone, thus giving you more decking options than you ever thought possible!

Silca Grate grids measure 400mm x 450mm and are composed of durable 38.5mm thick engineered polymer. Not only is Silca Grate™ suitable for elevated decks and patios, but it can be used for ground applications, porches, bridges, pool decks, rooftop decks, and more! How is it possible, you wonder? The 50mm diameter honeycombs on the Silca Grate™ grids offer 360 degrees of solid support, allowing Silca Grate to not only meet residential and commercial building codes, but to exceed them.

That all sounds good, so what’s the catch? There isn’t one! Not only is Silca Grate™ UV stable and easily cut to form, it is also quick and easy to install. In fact, you can install it yourself! To secure Silca Grate™ to your deck frame, put 6 screws into the floor joists spaced at 400mm centres and you’re good to go.


history of silca

A bit about the history of Silca

One day, one of Bart Stuchell’s friends gave him a call and asked him to stop by. Bart did. The friend took Bart to see a deck that had a brick sidewalk built in the center. While looking at it, the friend noted that “You [Bart] need to invent something to make this type of project a whole lot easier.” Bart, known for his knowledge of the building industry, creativity, and inventions, began to think it over. A few months later, while at the NPE show in Chicago, Bart saw a product designed to support molds on a concrete floor and got an idea. He was well on his way to designing Silca System® and Silca Grate.

From concept to reality, it took about six months to design Silca System®. In 2007, the product made its debut. Since then, Silca System® has been used in a variety of applications, including on Bart’s own deck, in a number of states.