Designing a Deck

For architects and designers, Silca System can be incorporated into almost any deck design. Achieve a PERMEABLE tiled patio on standard timber or aluminium deck framing with LEVEL ENTRY AS1/E2. Designed to AS/ZNS1170 NZS3604 compliant with B1/VM1.

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Building a Deck

For builders, contractors and DIYers; installation of Silca System is super efficient. Silca Grates interlock with one another using our Connectors and screw fix directly to the joists of the deck substructure. Screws and adhesives are also available for supply.  

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Renovating a Deck

Sick and tired of rotting and splitting wood? Pealing paint or fading stain? Forget about the continuous maintenance hassles and ongoing costs of wooden decking. If your joists are still in decent condition, with a bit of TLC, you can have a solid low maintenance patio too!

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The Simple Steps of Silca System

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We manufacture and distribute innovative, environment friendly building products.

Welcome to Silca System

Install tiles/pavers over elevated deck frame with Silca System interlocking, structural deck grates. 
NZ MADE from 100% Recycled materials.
Silca Grates are screw fixed directly to timber or aluminium deck joists providing a level, permeable, solid surface on which to lay almost any kind of paving material. Tiles, natural stone, concrete pavers, porcelain, brick, or even artificial turf.
Standard elevated deck or over membrane.
The Grates also provide drainage and ventilation, preventing moisture buildup and ensuring the longevity of the surface material. 
Level-Entry through threshold, permeable surface E2.
Silca System is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional deck installation methods and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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“We’re very happy with the end result”

Steve & Vicky / Botany Downs

“Silca paving system for the Granite paver deck turned out to be brilliant and outperformed our expectations.”

Andrew / Kaiwaka

“Very happy with Silca System, saved us a fair bit of $$$$$”

Nick / Whenuapai

“The Silca paving system was excellent to install – 4 hours to install 50+sqm of the Silca grates. – 2 people working on it – one person placing one person screwing them down.

Andrew / Kaiwaka

“Definitely a great system for these applications, no other solution would have beat it.”

Kevin / NSW

“Very easy to Install”

Blair / Holmes Wellington

“The decision to use Silca System® for our new deck was an easy one. We wanted a unique, low maintenance deck but found composite decking far too expensive.”


“The Silca System® substructure and Travertine was an answer to the ongoing upkeep problems we had with our old wood deck. The Silca Grate™ was very simple to install”



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Our team has decades of experience in the construction industry, you can be assured we know what we are talking about. 

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We are constantly researching ways to improve our products, services and the industry using sustainable technologies and practices.

Advantages and Benefits of Silca System®

  • Silca System is a highly innovative, revolutionary, one of a kind construction product
  • Silca System is the only product on the market which supports any kind of paving on timber joists, with options for on membrane and ground applications
  • Silca System is designed to keep super strong in any climate! From the snow and ice of the Southern Alps to the tropical heat and moisture of North Queensland and the Pacific Islands!
  • Silca System provides reduced Fire Risk! With non-combustible pavers on top, it does not allow falling hot ash or embers to smoulder into the deck and substructure. We also offer a Fire retardant Silca Grate rated V-0 upon special order.
  • Silca System (including paving) is more economical than Kwila, Accoya and other hardwood decking, and is over 100% cheaper than the construction of an elevated concrete slab (the only other existing way to have paving at height)
  • Silca System is manufactured from 100% recycled materials, allowing for a more environmentally friendly deck/patio as opposed to unsustainable hardwoods
  • Silca System used in conjunction with pavers, provides a maintenance free, durable raised patio, without the continuous maintenance hassles and ongoing costs of wooden decking.
  • Silca System can be used for a wide variety of applications: Decks, Patios, Stairs, Ramps, Paths, Bridges, Docks, Around Pools, Commercial and Civil Applications