The key element to the Patented Silca System is the Grate. This is the 400x450x38mm structural component that screws direct to the timber or aluminium deck frame and provides the solid flat surface on which to lay almost any kind of paving.

Silca Grates feature: 
a) strengthening ribs and hex cells to spread and transfer load across the decking element and down onto the joist.
b) pre-formed countersunk holes designed to guide the screws into the joist at the correct position. (remember to not overtighten screws as this can damage the countersink)
c) a second row of fixing so grates can be uniformly trimmed to slot in between joists should more height clearance be required. (This requires extra timbers clashed to the side of the joist for the grate to sit on.)
d) free draining design for minimum moisture retention
e) micro flex to absorb any movement within the decking element and reduce risk of any tile or grout disturbance
f) UV stable
g) manufactured from 100% recycled materials. Green Building Product


Lock Connectors specifically designed for use with the Grates.
These interlock each Silca Grate to the next on all four sides. X2 Connectors per side. (3.3 per grate) and greatly increase rigidity and consistency across the system, resulting in an incredibly strong, continuous decking element.
They also provide some added spot adhesion points for during tile install.
Simply push down the connectors into the designated slots in each side of the Grate, then nock in tight with a hammer.
We specify using Lock Connectors when Grates are installed over any floating frame, typically over membrane. For over solid timber deck frame they are not 100% required, however still greatly increase strength, stability and rigidity to the decking element.

Screw Fixings

Stainless Steel screws for fixing the grates to the joists of the deck substructure.
x6 Screws per Grate, these are designed to seat perfectly into the predesignated, countersunk holes at the edges of the Silca Grates.
We can supply both timber thread for timber joist and wingtip self-drilling screws for aluminium joist.

A snug fit for sure.


For spot glue adhesion of tile and pavers direct to the Silca Grates.

wedi 610 is a versatile single-component adhesive and sealant that suits perfectly for tile and polymer adhesion, is water-resistant and vulcanises into an elastic adhesive in the presence of humidity. It offers excellent weather and chemical resistance, is free of solvents, silicon and PCP and has low shrinkage.

Available in both 310 ml cartridge and 600 ml sausage.


Used for over membrane or concrete slab applications only. At 15mm thick, the rubber mounts can be placed either directly underneath the Grates or underneath a ripped timber joist to provide drainage between it and the membrane. Please see more info about Deck Chair System mounts here:

We recommend using Silca I-Lock Connectors when Grates are installed over any floating frame.


Every deck is different, so please contact us for a quote.