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SilcaSystem® is a 400 x 450mm, 100% Recycled, engineered polycarbonate grate which is fixed directly to the joists of a standard timber deck construction or to rubber mounts for any over membrane applications. It provides a flat, braced surface on which to lay any kind of paving material, whether it be concrete pavers, travertine, tiles, brick, natural stone or the many other options available in the market today.

SilcaSystem® provides an economical solution for DIY homeowners, architects, developers, contractors and builders alike to achieve their own creative designs and produce a durable elevated patio adding value to a home or property and enhancing the outdoor living experience, without the continuous maintenance hassles and ongoing costs of wooden decking.

Building a new deck or resurfacing an existing deck, SilcaGrates are engineered for super strength and ease of installation, suitable for both residential and commercial environments in any climate! And is far more economical than traditional methods with the construction of a concrete slab or the use of unsustainable hardwoods. Transform what would usually be an ordinary deck into a breathtaking elevated patio!

Choose SilcaSystem®, the better way to build your deck!

How does it work?

What is Silca?

Silca System provides a sturdy, all-weather sub-flooring which easily supports the weight of stone pavers such as travertine, granite, marble, slate and other brick pavers.

Why use Silca?

Engineered for strength and easy installation, this durable deck flooring makes it possible for you as a DIY homeowner, as well as deck designers / architects / builders.

How do I install it?

Not only is SilcaSystem super-strong, manufactured from extremely durable 100% recycled polycarbonate, our instruction pages and videos show just how easy it is to install and implement your deck design to get your deck build underway!


    • is a highly innovative, revolutionary, one of a kind deck construction product
    • is the only product on the market which supports any kind of paving on timber joists, with future options for on membrane and ground applications
    • is designed to keep super strong in any climate! From the snow and ice of the Southern Alps to the tropical heat and moisture of North Queensland and the Pacific Islands!
    • provides reduced Fire Risk! With non-combustible Premier Pavers on top, it does not allow falling hot ash or embers to smoulder into the deck and substructure.

    • (including paving) is more economical than Kwila, Accoya and other hardwood deck builds, and is over 65% cheaper than the construction of an elevated concrete slab (the only other existing way to have paving at height)
    • is manufactured from 100% recycled materials, allowing for a more environmentally friendly deck construction as opposed to unsustainable hardwoods
    • used in conjunction with Premier Pavers provides a maintenance free, durable raised patio, without the continuous maintenance hassles and ongoing costs of wooden deck building.

    • can be used for a wide variety of applications: Deck builds, Patios, Stairs, Ramps, Paths, Bridges, Docks, Around Pools, Commercial and Civil Applications
    • provides an alternative to timber decking design, not previously available
    • allows for a wide variety of facia options and provides an economical solution for DIY homeowners, architects, developers and builders alike to achieve their own creative designs enhancing the outdoor living experience and adding value to your home or properties

The quick and easy installation of Silca System® allows it to reach a wide variety of market sectors from builders and contractors to DIY homeowners
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What customers say:

The decision to use Silca System® for our new deck was an easy one. We wanted a unique, low maintenance deck but found composite decking far too expensive.
The Silca System® substructure and Travertine was an answer to the ongoing upkeep problems we had with our old wood deck. The Silca Grate™ was very simple to install.

Deck design - builder

There are many uses for Silca System®:

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Paths
  • Bridges
  • Stairs

More product uses

  • Ramps
  • Docks
  • Porches
  • Around pools
  • New and renovation

  • Elevated and ground applications
  • Commercial and Civil Applications